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As as designer its always been hard for me to manage my task, hours and getting feedback. It would always get missed between those long email and you never know how many hours you have spent and your team have worked on. With Managly we tried to achieve all this points and make project managers, freelancers life easy. This is beta so show some love

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6 Reviews5.0/5
@paresh_khatri what makes this different from Trello and other Kanban products out there? Also, what features are you planning on adding to this soon?
@amrith Hey Amrith.. Let me put it this way.. I am a big time Trello fan and I have been using it for such a long time. The reason I made Managly is limitation of this products and not completing the chain of Starting your project to dividing in to milestone to sending invoice to client.. For all my such needs I have to use multiple apps. For example I have been using Trello as my go to go project management tool, For design feedback I use Invision/Marvel, for invoicing I use freshbook or some other, for tracking ours something else and so on.. And thats what create a lot of hustle and being a designer I always find it waste of my time juggling between this apps. So for the same reason I have made Managly. Currently there 1. Project Management 2. File Management 3. Team Management 4. Time Tracking 5. Invoicing 6. Reporting And we working on 1. Chat 2. Gantt Chart 3. Calendar (Where you can manage all your calendars from different apps) 4. Apps Please let me know if you have any more questions. I will be happy to answer them. Thanks Paresh
Very Well Designed Product. We have been trying out this for a few months and the team loves the simplicity. Recommend it if you are a sucker for clean functional UI.
@harshamv Thank you so much @harsha mv :) Your feedback is highly appreciated.
What a beauty, love the homepage!
Great job!! 😊 Could this be integrated with Airtable ,Meistertask and other platform?
@ayush_chandra Hey Ayush thanks for your comment. Not yet we arent giving any integration but the app that you described, we give all those features within our app and adding more. Thanks for those reference and let me study them closely. Any particular features you liked about those product you mentioned?
@paresh_khatri There simplicity, User interface and the work output derived from it is simple amazing
@ayush_chandra Please give a try to Managly and let me know your valuable feedback.. We always appreciate it.
this looks awesome! Btw, you have a bunch of placeholder content in your FAQ section.
I could definitely see myself using this instead of Trello but I would need some integrations like Slack and helpscout or zapier.
@michaelfolling Thanks for the comment. We are already working on chat which will not less than Slack :).. And also working on app integrations.