Manageyum 2.0

A browser made precisely for your apps.

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Manageyum 2.0 looks great and certainly seems faster and more reliable in its 2.0 version. The 'Download now for free' buttion is a bit misleading though. It's a trial version that'll cost you $47 for a lifetime license. Which is a bit too expensive for my taste. I understand the need for developers to earn a living with their software, but Manageyum 2.0 will be deleted on my Mac when the trial period ends.
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@t55 oops you are right. I have removed the free from the button and we are discounting it to $19 for the PH launch :) you can also get it for free by just signing up 5 of your friends.
@vinodhdavid Thanks for the correction. And thanks for the discounted PH deal. Makes things much more afforable for a casual user like me.
@t55 Awesome Ton! Glad to have you on board! Thanks for your feedbacks!
Thanks for hunting us Kevin. Browser is great but it gets too overwhelming. So we close our web apps often. We built manageyum to be the productivity suite where your apps are logged in and it's ready whenever you open manageyum. Withv2.0 we have added support to add any custom apps. So you can add all the web pages that you need in your production suite. Manageyum has gotten faster and reliable with this version. Update We are discounting the lifetime license to $19 For this PH launch :)
@vinodhdavid I'm not sure I understand why this is less overwhelming than having each app in it's own browser tab. Is the idea to have a browser window open AND a Manageyum window open?
Franz, Rambox, IM+ all do the same as this and all for free. Even at the reduced launch price, who's going to pay for this?
@frassmith None of them are maintained and if you use all these together you will know the difference. We want to be different and want to maintain this for our users :) We did receive payments from our valuable users :)
@vinodhdavid @frassmith There is no need to be disingenuous or put down competitors here on PH. All three of the mentioned services are actively maintained and free, with great support.
@patmcd @frassmith Seriously I have nothing against them. I am a firm believer of calling competitors as friend since we are solving a problem together. But not releasing new versions and having so many customers asking or complaining in twitter and not seeing any reply from the team. I wouldn't call them actively maintained and supported. I love them but this is a fact :)
@vinodhdavid Two QQs Why should I go for this over


, a chrome addon? What will I lose if I am not willing to pay $19?
@adithya You can set granular notification settings and notification icon. Here you isolate browsing vs apps. All you have to do is just opened this app for frequently used apps and not get lost into your browsing websites vs apps. You can refer 5 ppl or pay $19 - The app will be not functional after 30 days.
@adithya @vinodhdavid Apps like twitter doesn't allow to keep multiple accounts in a separate tabs, you can do it in manageyum :)
Great Product! any long term plans with this?
@chichikid yeah we will be bringing in profiles. Where you can switch a bunch of apps with different profiles names. Like home, office, client1,client 2 etc.