One desktop app for Trello, Slack, Zendesk, Intercom & more.

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Oooo nice! This is like Franz but for work stuff (and personal)! The "Overview" tab looks the most useful, kinda like the Unread messages on Slack - but across everything. However, the rest just look like tabs - so unsure how this would make visiting those sites/apps more efficient
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@bentossell They added Product Hunt as well :)
@bentossell Hey, Ben Thanks for trying Manageyum :) We want to be the bridge between all the apps for work + personal. By keeping all your frequently used apps in one app is so powerful. When I was using Chrome, I was closing all the tabs every evening and had to sign in to everything in the morning again. Manageyum made it simple. My work + personal chat stack of apps stayed intact. In the next version, we are planning to bring todo / reminder across all the services. And we have just begun :)
Been using Manageyum for a couple of days now. I can manage not just messaging apps but also services like intercom, freshdesk,, salesforce & more importantly Product Hunt :D. Switching from Franz app to Manageyum!
@kwdinc Thanks for hunting us Kevin. Looking forward to the reactions of the PH community.
Isn't this just a souped up browser that has some deeper integrations?
@stefanpretty It looks like browser in terms of rendering the pages but we are planning to add more features to bridge the interaction between the services.
@stefanpretty it's to keep work separate. It's a GREAT idea. Can't wait for more integrations
Franz user here, I like the Overview tab and the trello integration. I do not like the menubar icon (please make it black) and the fact that I can switch from one tab to another with the standards shortcuts (Ctrl + tab / Ctrl + Shft + Tab).
@tgerin You mean the logo?
@tgerin gotcha. Will fix it in the next version.
@vinodhdavid @tgerin awesome thanks, can you aso give an option to remove it?
@tgerin you can have trello on franz, just go to the plugin directory and copy the folder to your plugin folder
Cool one @vinodhdavid! Have added it here Would love to see todoist in it :)
@ol_dl Sure thanks for the request :)
Hey @ol_dl We have added todoist and bunch of other services,Get the latest version.