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Management is often more difficult than it looks. Sure, it may seem that a lot of managers do nothing and are mostly there to make life harder for everyone, but, actually, this is not true. We made a series of mini-games to show how hard manager's work really is. This Manager Simulator is a easy way to see, how well you’d do as a manager. The idea behind the game was to create a somewhat safe office environment (with a kitty!) where you can test your different management skills, from motivating your employees to making hiring decisions. Take our challenge and find out how well would you do.
@jkaljundi sneak peak into what games you can expect in the Manager Simulator: * How to set goals (based on the Objectives and Key Results framework used in Google and other companies) * How to motivate employees (based on research and recent statistics) * How to make tough decisions quickly * How to handle new employees * When to hire and when to fire * How to delegate (based on Gallup's Strength Finder framework) All in all, it's a mix of fun and practical games
Haha, another addition to my Simulations of Real Life collection.
@rrhoover A good list you have there, Ryan :)