Manager by Betterlance

Freelancers: Hire a manager to help you stay on track

Be the best freelancer you can be with the help of a manager. Freelancing can be hard, but you don't have to do it alone. Get a real person to help you plan, prioritize, and stay focused every week.
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Man I could have used you guys when I was starting out in my 20's. This sounds like a great service. At this 1 tier $49 a mo. I'm wondering how you're planning to scale once customers discover the value of your 1:1 with them. If you gave 10 min a day to each one by phone, your company would be grossing around $10 hr per customer. As this isn't automated in any way, nor would it work if it were, you would need to staff up as you grow. I think you're going to need a couple more tiers of add on services to make your current tier worth it to you. I have some ideas, if you're interested.
Leyland Jacob Elia
Founder of IDEAL
@gregw πŸ‘‹ Thanks for your thoughtful comment. You're right that the margins are thin on this offering. We're only taking a limited number of customers at this price point before figuring out how to scale up from there. We plan to tweak and add to the offering over time. Also, Manager by Betterlance is one offering we have. You can find out more about our main offering at Would love for you to share your ideas! Email me at Thanks again.
Ben De Rienzo
Product Designer and Startup Founder
Hey PH, Ben from the Manager by Betterlance team here. As a longtime freelancer, I know this: On my own, I am prone to lose focus and productivity, and I can get caught in the creative work and forget to work on sales, admin and other parts of growing the business. Manager by Betterlance is here to help! Get a real manager to help you plan, prioritize, and stay focused. With weekly video check-ins and quick daily checks (via phone or email), you will work more efficiently and get more things done every week. Check it out at Some Things You can Use your Manager For: - Goal setting for the week and having someone to be accountable to. - Sounding board. Sure. Vent away. - Decision-making help. - Review. - Questions about something. We have a lot of resources we can send your way. Even if we have to get back to you. Would love your feedback and happy to answer questions!