Do More: Turn Conversations Into Results (code: HUNTERS)

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Ashish here, one of the co-founders of Mammoth. We are in Private Beta right now, please use HUNTERS activation code to jump the waitlist.
Hey @specx! To be honest, I had no idea what Mammoth was until I saw the video. The header image and copy made me question whether it was community for connecting entrepreneurs offline. I believe photos of the product would make it much more clear. How does Mammoth differ from existing solutions?
The thing that got me excited was "Turn Conversations into Results", which made me think that this was a better method to turn direct marketing into leads, or to improve customer development or something along those lines - which at least for me, would be very useful. After seeing the video it looks like a different version of Evernote, but what's not clear is the specific use case that you excel at where Evernote lags behind - I think driving into this would really help you segment your market and get to your true users.
@rrhoover thanks, good idea, we'll look into adding some screens. Having seen the video, how would you describe Mammoth? In Mammoth, you add ideas and content on a single collaborative "board". As opposed to the current way where everything is scattered across emails, notes, folders and storage services. Mammoth blends documents+chat, so, instead of multiple email threads for a project, you now have a single webpage with a timeline of all content and everyone's ideas, and its easily understandable how things went from start to finish. A few public boards: and
@marcojelli thanks for the feedback. Mammoth is centered around collaboration. Many people use it for working on projects together, studying together, working on thesis, planning trips with family & friends, writing screenplays, market research, MOOC sessions, collecting & sharing pics, among other use cases.