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Mammalo is a marketplace for on-demand local services delivered at home. Mammalo allows customers to search, compare and book a wide range of industry experts, at the tap of their finger. It's an essential tool in easing the pain of completing mundane tasks.
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Hello Product Hunt, Hunters, and Makers, Let me introduce you to what we made. Around the beginning of our time at Uni we ran in to some problems, like everyone does. I had a fire alarm bell ringing for 8 hours straight (definitely not due to my cooking skills at the time) because the accommodation I was in couldn't find someone to come check it out quick enough. My co-founder had a similar issue with a leaking dishwasher, except it didn't have a deafening ringing noise when it broke. We just couldn't find the right people at the right time and at our convenience (read: Budget). Out of this frustration we built Mammalo, a platform where people like you and I can find the right service experts to come to your house at the right time. Whether you need a plumber to fix the broken toilet you are currently reading this post from, or a yoga instructor to help you start off your workouts, we've got you covered. How does it work? We allow our experts to build their profiles for us, as customers, to admire. All you have to do is scroll through the available experts, look at their reviews, pictures and, qualifications (or other features such as distance and rating) and pick the right one for the job. You also have the ability to chat with your expert and discuss certain issues before anything gets done. We recently successfully completed our funding round on Crowdcube, overfunding to 186%. Now we're looking to expand and help as many people as possible across London! As dedicated product hunters, I am offering you £25-off your first booking on Mammalo with the code; PRODUCTHUNT25 (London only at the moment on orders over £40). Looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing what services you choose to use on Mammalo! Best, Max Co-founder of Mammalo
FYI, mamalo means suck it in Spanish
You should really seriously consider changing the name.
Spanish speaker here... yes, @kirisima1 is right and it is not in the nice way... it's more like the "suck it Jian-Yang" loop when Gilfoyle hacks the fridge (Silicon Valley Show).
Hi guys, We appreciate your concern. We have actually been trying to address this issue and are in the process of creating something even better, however, we couldn't let that stop us from growing in the meantime! In case you have suggestions for a name, let me know as we are going to have all our users participate in coming up with a great name and we'd gladly have you help. Enjoy your week!