Mamkin Trade

Virtual crypto trading platform

Have you ever felt like "omg if only I bought bitcoin in 2009, I would be a triple billionaire by now"? Well, now you can actually check it!
Register, get virtual $10 000, trade, compete with others. No ads, completely free, show them how it's done!
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Hello there! I created this virtual trading platform for me and my friends to try ourselves trading crypto assets without the risks of loosing any money. Mamkin Trade turned out to be the perfect tool for such purpose: people already trade over $2 000 000 of virtual money and none have regretted it so far (except for the ones with profit... they are probably upset that they didn't trade on a real exchange). Anyone can now really try out whether they have the sense of market or not — without loosing a dime! You register, get $10 000 and trade like you would do on a real exchange. It's that easy. Also: no ads, free and fully open source. Feel free to ask me anything, I love conversing on Product Hunt. Cheers!
Cool, simple and useful. Now I can test my skills in trading in a few clicks :)
@nikolay_siabrenko yep, that's why I've built it :3 enjoy!
So cool, Good job
@earth_spacon thank you for the kind words!

I would like to see more trade pairs. At least all those that are on Binance. Thanks you!


A simple and convenient interface, a lot of trading pairs, and I can check various signals without risking my money.



Огонь, ни чего лишнего.
@efimvolkov thank you :) tried my best not to overcomplicate