Protect your fintech apps from malware in 10 minutes.

Malwarelytics is an SDK and service that protect fintech apps from mobile banker malware.
Built with ❤️by ex-Avast engineers.
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Hello, Product Hunt! 👋 For quite some time, we have seen the banks and fintech companies suffer from the mobile banker malware attacking their Android apps. We even saw people lose large sums of money just because of sneaky Android malware. Google is slow in fixing this issue. Antivirus companies do provide some remedy to the users who decide to install their apps. But at the same time, they often bombard people with ads and product sales, and some even sell user data. We decided that enough is enough. It's time to eliminate the nasty mobile banker malware problem once and for all! After over a year of hard work, we are proud to introduce Malwarelytics. You can plug it into your banking or fintech app (via SDK) and start protecting it from mobile malware in less than 10 minutes. Malwarelytics uses advanced AI algorithms and machine learning, as well as data from existing malware databases, to sweep through data samples collected from over a million mobile devices to identify malicious apps and zero-day malware. Once integrated into your Android app, Malwarelytics provides you with a detailed insight into what malware is currently active on the end-users' smartphones and which specific devices are infected. In case a problematic app is detected, Malwarelytics notifies the end-user about such an app and helps to uninstall it. At the same time, it sends a "call for help" to the server-side so that you can take action as soon as a new threat shows up on your radar. We have done some successful beta runs already. Several top European banks trust Malwarelytics, and we believe it is a perfect security add-on to every financial app. I hope you find this helpful, and I would be delighted if you share any feedback. We would love to hear from you! Petr D.