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aLec robBins ☔️
aLec robBins ☔️Maker@alecrobbins ·
Hey! I made this in a couple days as a game-dev exercise. I'm more of a filmmaker/writer by trade, but I'm trying my hand at something new. The idea made me laugh - a literal take on the show's title in video game form - so I went ahead with it, trying to incorporate my own sense of humor as well as that old-school feeling of cruddy licensed games based on popular properties that barely managed to represent their namesake. All the code, sprites and art were made on my own in a two-day period, though I borrowed some assets from credited sources (like the grass/clouds of the background and the killer soundtrack!) I also wanted to add a bit of existential darkness to the game, so if you manage to play for long enough... things might take a bit of a turn. The game was made using Construct 2.
Clark Wimberly
Clark Wimberly@clarklab · UX Designer
@alecrobbins this is amazing. As a oddly devoted Malcom fan, the little speech bubbles literally cracked me up a few times. "I'm not very likable." might have been my favorite. "We're poor." was a close second.
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn@sdquinn · Technical Co-Founder, The Daily Rally
The 8-bit cover of "Boss of Me" made this that much more enjoyable. Loved it.
Lucas@_agtlucas · Web Developer
@sdquinn Yeah!
Blake Robbins
Blake RobbinsHunter@blakeir · VC at Ludlow Ventures
My brother (@alecrobbins) made this simple game a couple of weekends ago with no prior programming experience.
Avi Zuber
Avi Zuber@avizuber · Software Engineer @ DreamCloud
Very cute and fun! Curious to know how @alecrobbins made it. What sort of tutorials were followed.
A. Pereyra
A. Pereyra@yaraher · CEO of CodePicnic
This is pretty neat. Managed to get to 69,000. Fun.