The all-day, every day sandals

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Im going to ask the common question 😁 What's so special about these sandals?
@bentossell They've been designed over 5 years and 37 iterations so that you can put them on, forget they're there, and go through whatever your day throws at you. Day after day, year after year. We wanted nothing less than unmatched comfort, exceptional durability, and real versatility.
@david_el_achkar @bentossell Can you talk more about the design choices you made that make you forget they're there? Are they really light? Different materials? Different orthopaedics? They look really cool and well designed :)
@cturlica @david_el_achkar @bentossell Thanks a lot! Would love to. I'll describe here, though I'm not sure about the level of details that you'd like me to go into. It's more enjoyable if you scroll through the benefit shots midway down the Kickstarter page. - Each of all 3 straps is individually adjustable for perfect fit - We've designed a proprietary RedLink™ that replaces buckles and velcro. It's simply adjustable by sliding it, and holds its position until moved. This pull-in all the slack from adjusting the 3 straps without adding bulk - We've searched for over 1.5 years for the ideal fiber for the laces. Finally we've found a unique boutique manufacturer that custom produced laces to our specifications. They're made from spun filament polyester (a nautical fiber), that resists salt water and sun, that's abrasion resistant, color-fast, looks like cotton, and feels softer than cotton - We weave the laces is a way that makes them compress just like memory foam, so they never separate the gap between toes. That weave makes than also slightly stretchy to cope with feet swelling throughout the day - Makus have a zero-drop sole with a deep heel cup that protects the heel and keeps it clean - We tested 50+ types of rubbers and finally settled on a neoprene composite rubber that gave us the best combination of abrasion resistant, flexibility, light-weight, puncture resistance, versatile grip, and with just the right shock absorbance and firmness Hope this helps. Happy to clarify any point
these sandals look pretty sweet
Thanks @_jacksmith! We're really excited to finally share them with the world!
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack! It's been years in the making :)
@_jacksmith they are indeed. I've seen Will wearing them everyday (winter/summer) & they look super comfy. Can't wait to try them out myself.
@cnicolaou @_jacksmith It's amazing that I initially designed my first pair of sandals to run in, thinking they'd would solve my knee pain, only to realize that I'm wearing them more than all my other shoes. That was a wake up call for me. I realized that there's still big room for improvement when it comes to making footwear functional, comfortable, really well designed, and durable
Love that minimalism.. can't wait to get mine
@yazinsai That sounds awesome Yazin! Curious, how did you find out about Maku?
@williamchoukeir spotted it first on my Twitter feed, courtesy of @DaveAchkar :)
flip flops I actually want to wear - genius. Count me in guys! I hope they're as comfy and flexible as your reviewers claim they are ;)
@alex_foster We like to call them sandals because they don't make that annoying flip flop sound... :)
@alex_foster Thanks! Happy you're on board. You can even give them a try for 30 days, and if you're not in love, we'll take them back for a full refund
These look damn cool, do they come with a warranty though?
Thanks @dfauchier! Yes. You get our Maku Triple Guarantee! Which includes: 1. A One-Year Warranty 2. Free Exchanges 3. Full-refund within 30-days. No Questions Asked.