Tools to make professional-grade printed cards and more

#4 Product of the DayJune 11, 2014
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Love what the product is doing to empower individuals & businesses to design their own creative assets; bringing the DIY / maker movement to the mainstream. Also: iPad first!
Very nice. Here are a few other business-related hunts "productizing" design: - Sketch Deck - Need PowerPoint but hate using it? Get PPTs from sketches - Videoscribe - Create engaging animated videos - Placeit - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments
Thanks so much, @badboyboyce! I'm the CEO and Founder of Makr. Would love to answer questions and get feedback from you all! A little bit about us: we're a small, Brooklyn-based team with a passion for design and creativity (and donuts and Game of Thrones). We made Makr to empower everyone to be their own designer – an alternative to expensive, hard-to-use professional software. You can use Makr to create business and personal branding materials that actually look good: logos, invitations, labels, business cards, postcards, etc. Check it out – it's a free download. Would love to hear what you think.
@ekj000 Really nice layout and design. What would you say your target market is? Seems like this is perfect for restaurants who often struggle to produce marketing collateral efficiently. (Used to run the marketing for The Meatball Shops so I know!)
Thanks, @AndyTheGiant! Love The Meatball Shop :) We have a couple of key demographics we target under the umbrella of branding. Small businesses, like The Meatball Shop, and "creative entrepreneurs" (e.g. Etsy sellers) are at the core. We're also targeting personal branding – for people who want to brand elements for a wedding or create DIY materials. You're spot on – the idea is to enable people to easily create a suite of materials – for their business, a wedding or event, or a home project.