Making Ideas Happen

Overcoming the obstacles between vision and reality

I wonder if we will be lucky enough to have @scottbelsky tell us a bit of background on this book 😜
In the beginning of the book @scottbelsky mentioned that after talking to some people he noticed the trend that most creative types were very good at generating novel ideas, but they were really bad at finishing them. I liked some ideas from the book such as focusing on only a few projects at one time, creating a 'burner' where the low-value-low-intensity projects should be kept, creating a good organizational system in life etc, but the actual idea I really liked is how he graphically visualizes the life cycle of a side project i.e how it gets generated and gets attention first because of it's novelty, but later we give up the idea when the novelty wears off and focus on another new idea. I really should focus more on implementing the ideas from the book though.