The world’s first Sketch UI kit generator with themes

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To help take the heavy lifting out of your digital design process, TomYum has created a tool that generates custom Sketch UI kits on the fly using your brand style for quick and easy prototyping.

  • Jonathan Ristovski
    Jonathan RistovskiMake things break things

    Super helpful for trying out new ideas!



    Excited for the future code and component preview features!

    Jonathan Ristovski has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Seems like a great way to get new designs started


    Not a lot of themes yet

    I like the idea, but I didn't find a theme that was useful to me yet. I think this could use some more options, which are probably on the roadmap.

    Andrei Istoc has used this product for one day.
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Fred Hayek
Fred Hayek@fred_hayek1
I've already bought this and my UI/UX team is having a field day! Great idea
Holly Chisholm
Holly Chisholm@holly_chisholm1
Pretty much useless unless I can preview what I am actually purchasing before-hand. Don't feel comfortable paying unless I can see an image of the templates...
Dami Dina
Dami DinaMaker@damidina
@holly_chisholm1 I'm doing some split testing with the site - there is a variation that hides the preview button. I'd be happy to share the themes with you through email The first version of the web app has 3 themes but we're planning on adding more themes in the future. I would recommend purchasing an unlimited download account so take advantage of the launch discount.
Fred Hayek
Fred Hayek@fred_hayek1
@holly_chisholm1 I've already chatted with the creator and he's reasonable I'm sure if you didn't like it he'd process a refund - take the leap and give it a try Holly #2019newyounewme
Wendy Dean
Wendy Dean@wendyde03942462 · how much to build an app
I love it! It reminds me of what the shots team is doing. If MakeUI and shots had a baby.... it would be incredible!
Viktorya Ashughyan
Viktorya Ashughyan@viktorya_ashughyan · extraordinary