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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2020
What if stories can come out of the closed ecosystem into the open web? Yes! We make it possible. Use MakeStories and build great, engaging stories that stay on the web forever. Check to see how UN build a story on Sahel region.
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Great work guys! I'm working on something really similar but with a focus on embedded interactive elements (sliders, polls, free text inputs,...) - I understand your focus is to make stories more visual & beautiful & I'm curious: what are the main use cases behind this focus?
@svend_court_payen Our focus is to support every feature that AMP Stories comes up with. So, anything that AMP Stories will have, we will have it soon
Hey guys, I am Pratik and I lead the Product Management at MakeStories. Me and @chintan_palan1 have been working on MakeStories since March 2018. I will be happy to reply to your questions, suggestions and improvements or your feedback.
@chintan_palan1 @pratik_ghela How do you make sure the file size of the embedded videos aren't too large? Do you compress them?
Hey @stevebenjamins , we compress images as soon as you upload them. For videos, we are planning to restrict the file size. But, plans are in place to compress or convert the uploaded videos in the backend once you upload them.
Using MakeStories for more than 7 months now. I love the way you can just drag drop and get the stories. They also provide an option to upload to a short domain which I often use. The collection of Royalty free images and the illustration is just great.
@pratik_ghadge Thanks. Mind sharing the link of the story you created ? Will love to see what you've built.
@pratik_ghela Here you go! Just tried creating a story version of the article at .
@pratik_ghadge Love how the tappable content takes the lead on scroll one.
"Get started for free", but no indication of pricing. Instantly assume it is expensive and can't share it with clients or conference audiences that may like it.
@kmullett the software is free to use till April 2020. Post that we might charge, but no policy decision has been made yet.
@kmullett "UX mistakes 101"
@kmullett couldnt agree more. Looks like shareware from the 90's or current free but crippled apps.
@kmullett @arunpattnaik Thanks Arun. But I won't consider this a UX Mistake 101. We don't have a clear picture on the pricing and we have outlined a detailed blog post about the same for our users in a medium article.
@kmullett @felipeveiga Thanks Felipe for your criticism. I believe you should motivate people for their hardwork. But, no worries! World won't be complete without trollers like yourself :)
Great work both of you! It has been great to get to know this product all the way through. Excited to continue building strong AMP Stories!
@leomartinez Thanks Leo. Love all of your stories