MakeSpace AR Plan Estimator

Measure your stuff in AR to get an accurate plan estimate.

The AR Plan Estimator is a way for users to quickly estimate the storage plan size they will need for their stuff by pointing their phone around the room and tracing things with their finger in AR. It is difficult to conceptualize the physical space needed to store your things, and as soon as we saw ARKit at WWDC, we knew there was an opportunity.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
This is awesome. This is the first "real" problem that I seen solved with AR. Congrats to the team!
This app's thumbnail preview is a great GIF explainer. AR app marketing is all about the GIF.
Hi! I'm one of the engineers at MakeSpace who built this feature. This was a fun project for us, with some interesting AR-related technical challenges. We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Awesome !!! Great Job !!!
Now I can finally figure out where to put that double decker couch! Everything is awesome!!