Pop-Up Coworking Community

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Inspired by Richard Florida's Rise of the Creative Class (, I decided that working out of cafes solo was getting kinda lonely and lame. Makespace is a community of 130+ creative souls who are genuinely curious and supportive of each other's projects while also being respectful of boundaries and quiet to get to work. Think college library/campus center for the real world. We've had a dozen gatherings in SF so far and we're excited to expand to more cities soon. Working from home doesn't have to be so isolating. Here's a short post about our Quiet Tribe and why it keeps growing:
Just discovered this community and met with the founder @jenny_feinberg. It's pretty brilliant, she basically finds underutilized space like restaurants, cafes etc during off hours and turns them into pop up coworking spaces. It's all donation based so it attracts a lot of creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and others who want the coworking experience but can't afford to pay $300+ for a desk somewhere. And the restaurants love it because it's a guaranteed full house for a day where they usually make nothing. Excited to see this grow (they're raising a small amount of money on smallknot right now if you want to support it:
@davidspinks For a second I thought you were saying uses cafes to store their boxes. This makes a lot more sense though. Cool idea.
@jasonkeath heh yeah I realized there was another company with the same name when I looked it up to make sure this wasn't already hunted.
This is great! Can't wait to try it.
This looks really cool!
literally was just talking about an idea like this yesterday. Nice work, @jennyfeinberg