Find custom Snapchat geofilters from independent designers

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We’re happy to be on Product Hunt and we’d love to hear from Product Hunters on how we can use Snapchat Geofilters for innovative campaigns. We have 100 designs on the platform, but we are looking to add more designers to keep up with the demand. Feel free to tag and share Makeshake with your graphic design friends. Designers set their own prices, keep 55% of each sale, and it’s free to list products. Event planners, marketing directors, and influencers use Makeshake because our marketplace makes it easier to find designs and increases the chance that Snapchat will approve the Geofilter. My name is Mayra and I’m the Co-Founder of Makeshake. We launched on July 18, 2016. Thank you @Everette for sharing. Please post a comment with questions below. We’re thrilled to hear from you. P.S. - Product Hunters get $5 credits from Makeshake. Head over to our website to learn more.
@mayra_makeshake Congrats, Mayra! The site looks great and I love the ideas of using geofilters for renting/selling. What a great use case for Snapchat! 👻
@mayra_makeshake Could you send me a DM? I had a quick question.
Pretty common knowledge how much I personally enjoy the Snapchat platform. I was ecstatic when custom snapchat geofilters were released to the public, especially at such affordable prices. Typically the first thing all of us non-designers think about after that initial excitement was, who is going to design my filter? Discovered MakeShake as one convenient solution that doesn't require me to find design resources and allows me to get snapchat geofilter designs fast. Figured I would share with the rest of the PH community.
@everette did we ever show you what we made for the music industry → 👻
@whoismaxpelzner are you seeing interest in this offering?
@owlsquid we've had a few people in the music industry reach out for Snapchat geofilter designs
An awesome way for artists to monetize and individuals can use the power of Snapchat Geofilters. Nice job!