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#4 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2014
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Alexis OhanianHunterPro@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Initialized Capital, Reddit
The student loan debt crisis keeps getting worse, so I'm excited to back alternatives like MakeSchool that provide education & experience relevant for the 21st century workforce.
Gabe Eldred@215gabe · PM - Crossfield Digital
@alexisohanian love this! looks like a great booster for promising talent. feels kind of like the education remix of YC.
Taylor Hou@taylorhou1
@alexisohanian quick question: what about instead of companies contributing/matching 401k, they match/contribute towards new hire (recent grad) student load debt?
Ashu DesaiMakerHiring@desaiashu · Founder of Make School
Hey Product Hunters, MakeSchool founder here. We started out with our Summer Academy to teach high school and college students how to build their first product. We decided to build the Gap Year program because we saw a huge skills gap between what colleges teach and what companies need. Our mission is to build a more relevant and practical alternative to the computer science degree. Would love to hear your feedback!
Cody Hatfield@codynhat · Lead Engineer, Fourth Wall, Inc.
@desaiashu Would this only apply to students taking a gap year or students that just graduated also?
Ashu DesaiMakerHiring@desaiashu · Founder of Make School
@codynhat just graduated is fine too!
Ashu DesaiMakerHiring@desaiashu · Founder of Make School
@codynhat just graduated is fine too!
Hanh Nguyen@fashiongiik · CEO, Stuff N Style
@desaiashu Congrat Ashu!
Vlad Nov@mrvladnov · Special Projects
they taught me how to make flappy bird in a few hours :)
Nadia Eghbal@nayafia · GitHub
Love what Ashu and team are doing! Reforming college education is not for the faint of heart.
Danielle Newnham@daniellenewnham · Founder, The Junto Network. Author
Sounds like a fantastic initiative!