Easily make a Twitter list of your product's upvoters.

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@russellbarnard emailed me about this project a while back. At first, I hated the idea. Some people obnoxiously tweet at every upvoter with inauthentic thanks. Russell was understanding and made some modifications to curb that potential abuse (thanks!). Curious how people use this.
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Totally agree @rrhoover. The "thanks for upvoting" is the new auto DM and I'm so glad your instinct is that it's obnoxious / inauthentic. But I love this product - massive kudos to @russellbarnard. Such smart use of the API and I guess one of the massive benefits of PH using Twitter for authentication / ID. Was just thinking yesterday about Twitter lists - Easily Twitter's most underused feature. Twitter need to give lists more airtime.
@marceglon @rrhoover thanks for the comments, glad I reached out to go over the idea as I was quite wary about the 'thanks tweet' part as soon as I tested it. It was an enjoyable tool to make. Also, I totally agree with you both about automated tweets!
Happy Wednesday Product Hunt! I created MakerTools for all of the makers and future makers within the Product Hunt community. It is a simple tool which allows the maker to create a twitter list of all the people who upvoted their product. If anyone is interested in the full story, here is my post on Medium -
Does exactly what it says it does. Nice job.
That worked brilliantly, thank you so much for creating this awesome app!
Love it, thank you!
@afhill that's great to hear! glad you like it :)
@russellbarnard @afhill I'm a fan too. Very simple, yet very useful.