A place to list tasks you need help for.

I believe we don't have to know about everything for us to build and ship products. So I made this place to connect with people who can complete my skills.

Are you willing to pay a tiny amount to get done with a task?

It is free for producthunt users to list a task. Just use the coupon: producthunt

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Hi Hunters 😺 I have been into making internet projects for the last two years, and actually built a few that I have never had the guts to share. In the process of making these websites(that didn't get past my localhost), I have learnt lots of things, got better at making. Still, I believe we can't be great at everything we do, and that some people are better at doing marketing, designing logos, shooting videos than others. So I thought, if I need help on a task I need to get done with my project, why wouldn't I simply pay a tiny amount for it? Instead of trying to learn everything, I personally would rather find help, and focus on stuff I enjoy doing and am good at. Here comes Makertask💡✅ This is the place where makers can list a task they need help on, and taskers can email them right from the website. Than you can take the discussion further through emails and simply get done with it. As I said, this is the first time I'm shipping 🚀 a product, so any feedback and suggestion is very welcome!
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@samilkarahisar Very cool! This is perfect for solving small tasks that I don’t often deal with and don’t know how to do. Like dealing with somewhat complex CSS issues, design, etc! I will have to try it out.
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@timbram Hey Timothy, thank you for your feedback. At the stage makertask is right now, it is important for me to know there is a market for it out there. I just launched it yesterday and already 4 makers listed tasks adding to a total of around 400$ worth of money freelancers can make. My goal is to find the right people for everyone who took the time to post. And I am giving all I have to help these people who gave me a chance. For example, @xinzhi needs help translating his app from chinese to english, and tomorrow I will print and put his task on a few boards in my university. The same goes for all the tasks listed. I am trying to decide on a marketing strategy, and am actually willing to pay a few buck for twitter, instagram ads promoting your tasks. Feel free to post your task as soon as you can, posting tasks is free for now, but I may eventually have to charge a tiny amount in order to pay the ads.
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