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Ali R. TariqHunter@alirtariq · Product Designer, Axonify
Paul Scrivens, of the "40 Day Startup" and "Makers Cabin" projects, has curated and put together a number of tools and goodies that he's used to become as industrious as he is. I'm pretty sure you'll find some useful goodies in this list to be on your way to building cool stuff, too.
ScrivsMaker@scrivs · Creation Scientist, Makers Mob
@alirtariq Thanks for the hunt, Ali. I love the idea of watching someone else code or talking to them to find out what tools they use to create whatever wonderful things they do. Unfortunately there really isn't a place to discover these kinds of things so I decided to create one for myself. Makers Tools is a place where anyone can sign up and create a collection of the tools they enjoy so that others may discover them and give them a try. Currently only Makers Cabin students can post tools to help monitor activity, but anyone can like a tool and create a collection. I hope over time that it becomes a great resource for people to discover a new Sublime Text theme or Sketch plugin or whatever.
They say, “A person is only as good as their tools.” If you’re going to build digital goods, you need to have the right tools. Paul Scrivens has curated an excellent collection of apps and resources for any professional designer or developer to use. Here’s your toolbox—now, get to work!
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO,,
Very smart way to promote an on-line course. +1
Adam Cochran@adamscochran · BizDev/Growth Hacker at DuckDuckGo
Really like the concept of the site. Would be great if the submissions had a bit more detail or photo overviews. When clicking into the tools it looks kind of plain currently.
ScrivsMaker@scrivs · Creation Scientist, Makers Mob
@adamscochran Adam, glad you enjoy the concept and I agree with you that the submissions could use a bit more detail. However instead of trying to provide too much stuff for tools that all have differing usable data, I wanted to get the site out there in its current form to see how people use it and then tweak as I go along. For example, a jQuery plugin is going to offer different details than a new graphics application which is completely different than a new stock photo site. Some things have a price, while others might have great pictures. I guess the key is trying to find that right balance between trying to create an engaging design and simply giving the audience that they need.
Hugo Di Francesco@hugo__df · Developer
@scrivs have you guys got Bourbon by thoughtbot in there? It's a really cool that's like foundation/twitter but all mixins and no bloat css classes :)
ScrivsMaker@scrivs · Creation Scientist, Makers Mob
Hugo Di Francesco@hugo__df · Developer
@scrivs 😆 thanks