Educational DIY mobile phone 📱🛠

MAKERphone is an educational mobile phone that you assemble and code yourself.

It’s a kit, it’s fun, it’s simple… and we need your help to make it happen.

With MAKERphone we’re trying to show people that every machine you see was designed by a human being not different nor smarter than themselves.

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11 Reviews5.0/5
One of the best projects I have seen this year coming out of Croatia. Especially when you consider MakerBuino. I bought two and they gave me and my daughter hours of quality time and education.
I just wanna say that I bought 3 MAKERbuinos from Albert's previous campaign and just loved them. I'm certain the MAKERphone will be great, if not better. Good luck Albert!
Impressive! Really cool, I would love to get me one eventually. @albert_gajsak will there be options to buy this after the campaign is finished, just in case I don't make it on time? Congrats!
Very cool!!! 😁
Looks not standard