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Log your tasks openly, faster than ever before! πŸ”₯🚒

Makerlog Menubar is a super fast way to log your tasks to Makerlog, right from your menubar πŸ”₯

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Hey everyone!!! I'm Ethan – maker of KanbanMail, Code The Web, and now Makerlog Menubar!! Makerlog Menubar is a super fast way to log your tasks to Makerlog, right from your menubar πŸ”₯ πŸ€” What is Makerlog? Makerlog is an awesome platform by @ftxrc where you can log your tasks openly and transparently! For example, here's my profile. If you don't have an account you can sign up, it's free! Then start logging tasks straight from your menubar by downloading Makerlog Menubar πŸ˜€ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Why I made this I really love transparency, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't do everything transparently by now. It increases your following, visitors and user count. I log every single task I complete every day on Makerlog, in fact I currently have a 141 day streak! I wanted it to be even easier to log my tasks to Makerlog, so I would never put if off for forget. So I created Makerlog Menubar! Now I can log my tasks with just a few keypresses 😁 Here are some cool features: ⚑️ Log from anywhere Just type Shift ⌘ M from anywhere on your computer to show/hide Makerlog Menubar! It’ll give you a huge productivity boost πŸ”₯ πŸ“Ž Attach images Simply drag or paste any image straight into the Makerlog Menubar app to attach it to your log! πŸŒ“ Dark mode Makerlog Menubar will automatically change between light and dark mode based on your operating system's settings! 🧠 Hashtag autocomplete Makerlog Menubar suggests hashtags for you! When a suggestion appears, just press the right arrow key to accept it. If there are multiple matching hashtags, it calculates the most relevant one based on your previous hashtag usage.
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@ftxrc @booligoosh Congrats Ethan. You can add Github Link on the site too :)
Dude, huge congrats on the launch! I've watched as you build this product from the ground up using the Makerlog API. It's lightning fast and a really good workflow improvement - I don't have to switch windows to log anymore! 😁 Keep it up man!
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@ftxrc Thanks Sergio!! I really appreciate the help with the API, and also with the nice subdomain! And of course for making Makerlog in the first place 😍
@dinuka_jayasuriya Thank youuu!! 😁
I'm a big fan of Mac menu bar apps. Well done, @booligoosh πŸ‘.
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan!! 😁
Awesome Ethan, are you planning a Linux/Debian version too?
@spekulatius1984 Thanks! Yep, it's made with Electron so it should be relatively easy to make a Linux version. I've written your name down, I should have a build ready in a day or two!!
@spekulatius1984 I'd definitely like a linux/deb version too, my primary OS is linux :).
@spekulatius1984 another Debian user here!
@spekulatius1984 @digitalsparky @lorikarikari Working on itt!!! What types do you all have? x86? x86_64? amd64? πŸ˜„