Chrome ext that adds a Product Hunt link on Twitter profiles

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Hi there, I made this because I found myself often checking for product hunt profiles when connecting with people on twitter, to see what they've been working on. This is a simple hack that considerably fastened doing just that, and I'm also now getting this info for just anyone, which just opened a new world of maker browsing :) Hope you'll like it, and thanks Mubs for posting!
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Simple, but clever.
Simple Chrome extension that will save me a few clicks! No more copying and paste'ing usernames from Twitter to Product Hunt URLs.
@mubashariqbal Ahah, I see we had the same problem ;)
Pretty handy extension now that Product Hunt is such a big part of our everyday life! You just PH-powered up Twitter Olivier, good job :D
@iangelidaki Thanks! And I'll definitely think a bit more about how to "PH-power up" the web ^^
Very cool man!
@abityastunggal You're welcome :)