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Hi everyone! It's so great to be on Product Hunt. I'm Zaib Husain one of the founders of Makerarm, and I'll be in the comments today along with my co-founder Azam Shahani to answer any questions you have. Makerarm is a complete personal fabrication device packed into a robotic arm that fits on a desktop. Using interchangeable tooheads Makerarm allows creators to 3D print, laser engrave, paint, fabricate and assemble -- on any flat surface -- all from one device. Makerarm is available for pre-order on Kickstarter from now until November 10.
@zaib_husain wow this is really impressive. A great abstraction on the robotic making concept!
Hi Sarah, thanks for joining the discussion! While Glowforge is a great product for laser cutting and engraving, Makerarm offers these abilities and a lot more. With Makerarm, one can 3D print with both filament and resin, create PCBs from scratch, solder, pick, place and assemble components and even ice a cake! The milling toolhead for Makerarm allows users to cut and shape soft metals and other materials such as plastics and wood. Makerarm's intuitive user interface is accessible wirelessly from a browser window on any device and is compatible with most popular 3D design software. Also, Makerarm has a very small desktop footprint (with a base under 5 inches in diameter) and is incredibly affordable - ranging from $1,399 to $2,199 for a Makerarm with all existing toolheads! Please let me know if you have additional questions!
Hi, Can you talk about the different design iterations (for example design for manufacturing and reliability engineering) and the process of working with Dragon Innovation? Thanks.
@seysconstantijn Hi Seys, great question. Once my co-founder Azam and I had the initial concept, we made the first prototype and took our ideas to Josh Harris at Bolt. Josh helped us with the industrial design. Once we were satisfied with the design - we were looking for a small footprint with a lot of functionality - we went to Shenzhen, China and worked with Dragon Innovation. Dragon really helped us with doing a complete product teardown and analysis to make it more compact and cost effective. They helped us with sourcing components and lining up the supply chain. They are experts in hardware development and also helped with areas that we are not very familiar with - for instance customs and shipping logistics - it was great to have Dragon's help and guidance with Makerarm. The prototypes made in Shenzhen have been tested for months and we have incorporated user feedback to make them even better!
Looks amazing!
Thanks Haseeb!