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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 28, 2019

Market your product to more than 50 thousand developers, designers, and freelancers

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny SinghWeb Developer / Creator

    Able to support other makers while also advertising my own projects


    None so far

    James has done a great job with MakerAds. He even designed an ad for us and opened up stats to see CTRs and how each ad does which is super helpful, especially to sponsors which is what gives a lot of faith into the platform.

    Sunny Singh has used this product for one month.
  • Henning Leutz
    Henning LeutzI love to create products 💡

    simple, quick, what more could you ask for?


    I can't think of anything right now

    Helpful, free and totally simple Unobtrusive adverts for makers. They help to even build a small banner if you don't have one. I think it was made for me, anyway, at that time (It's been a while)

    Henning Leutz has used this product for one month.
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James Ivings
James IvingsMaker@jamesivings · Leave Me Alone 💌 UptimeBar 🌏
Hey Product Hunt! ✌️ I’m James, one of the makers of MakerAds. Thank you so much to @bentossell for hunting us! 💙 — MakerAds is an ethical, unobtrusive ad network for makers. Since soft-launch our users have contributed over 70 beautiful adverts, and in the last month we've had over 50k network impressions! 💭 Inspiration The maker community asked for a way to monetise their products with advertising, but without showing visitors irrelevant or ugly ads (or having them served from big bad corporations). Since makers also often struggle with self promotion so we wanted to create something to help solve both problems. 🛠 Solution MakerAds is an ad network built by makers, for makers, and free for makers! Just head on over to to submit your product to the network completely for free. Once live your ad will be part of our network of over 120 referrers. If you like you can even support your fellow makers and become a paid referrer by including the ad script on your website, and showing off our friends' beautiful products! ✨ 🎨Ad Creation Service We know how hectic maker life can be... so if you don't have time to create an advert, our team of designers will make one for you for $5! Don't worry, you will still be able to sign-off on your ad before make it live. ⭐️ Sponsored Ads Sponsored ads show up on the network more frequently, and pay for running costs of the MakerAds service. Plus 90% of the earnings from sponsored ads are distributed to our referrers via our revenue share system. To celebrate our launch we're offering Product Hunt users a limited price for sponsored ad spots of $50 a month 😇 Head over to our self-serve form to reserve your spot. Not convinced? Check out how our current sponsors are doing on our stats page here. — 👫 About Us Danielle and I are a couple of travelling indie makers. You may remember us from one of our other product launches this year. We built MakerAds without funding and as with all our products, all of our data and metrics are completely open. MakerAds itself is actually open source if you’d like to contribute! 😇 Special thanks Thank you so much to @iamarnob and @mshra_ji for creating our awesome logo GIF (again)! Thanks to Blockstack, Earnest Capital and our other first sponsors for their support early on for our vision. And a million thanks to all our referrers for hosting an ad and getting us started on our journey! We will be here and on Twitter all day if you have any feedback, questions, or want to say hello, we’d love to chat! * Danielle & James
Miguel Piedrafita
Miguel Piedrafita@m1guelpf · 17-year-old maker.
@jamesivings Awesome idea and execution, submitted an ad :)
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff@anthilemoon · Entrepreneur
@jamesivings @dinkydani21 Massive congrats on the launch! This is brilliantly executed - I love the idea of ads allowing makers to grow together. 🤩
Kelly Miller
Kelly Miller@kellyfmill · Helping Startup Founders Get Attention.
@jamesivings @dinkydani21 Congrats!! Love this product - great idea, great execution
kyaw tun sein
kyaw tun sein@kyawtunsein · Now making Water Bottles!
@bentossell @iamarnob @mshra_ji @jamesivings super awesome idea guys! I love the nature of indie makers sharing, collaborating and helping each other. I just submitted my ad.
Philip I. Thomas
Philip I. Thomas@philipithomas · Co-founder at moonlight
@bentossell @iamarnob @mshra_ji @jamesivings very cool! I love the openness.
Okii Eli
Okii Eli@nextstevejob · Founded
congratulations for the this great product! Your impact to makers community is felt daily and keep it up
James Ivings
James IvingsMaker@jamesivings · Leave Me Alone 💌 UptimeBar 🌏
@nextstevejob Wow thanks!
Kerr@kerr · Web Designer ⚡️
Congrats!! 🎉
Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 · UptimeBar | Leave Me Alone | ReleasePage
@kerr Thank you Kerr!
Joey Tawadrous
Joey Tawadrous@joey_tawadrous · Maker motorcyclist futurologist actor 🎭
This is such a beautiful remake of a common dilemma - where to get more users from! You have made the website so elegant and simple to use - well done :)
James Ivings
James IvingsMaker@jamesivings · Leave Me Alone 💌 UptimeBar 🌏
@joey_tawadrous thanks Joey!
Gautham Santhosh
Gautham Santhosh@gauthamzzz · I don't have a spaceship
congrats on the launch, i have been seeing maker ads everywhere now.
James Ivings
James IvingsMaker@jamesivings · Leave Me Alone 💌 UptimeBar 🌏
@gauthamzzz haha that's good to hear! We have about 120 referrers now!