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Tees for Makers, including the custom upvote tee!

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Hey, makers, the upvote tee is here! Am I crazy for wanting upvote stickers, upvote cups, and upvote umbrellas? P.S. There are two lady tees on the site, which I LOVE, but maybe we can suggest some more to the maker, if Daniel doesn't mind. :)
@v4violetta Awesome. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions! :-)
@danielkempe Hmm, not good with this kind of stuff but maybe my fellow ladies can help, @kikischirr, @stttories, @imcatnoone, @nikkielizdemere. Ladies, put your thinking caps on!
@v4violetta I would go for upvote cups and upvote umbrella any day.
@v4violetta @ranjita_rs I can do mugs for sure!
Tees looks awesome, but couldn't find if it ships internationally also, if they do, is it charged separately or this price is all inclusive?
@ranjita_rs Hey Ranjita, thanks for your question. We offer FREE shipping worldwide.
@danielkempe @ranjita_rs Are you still working on ? Website isn't accessible anymore. We are working on similar thing. What do you suggest ?
Hey! I'll be here all day. I'd love to take your ideas for tees and get them live today. :-)
@danielkempe my suggestion "A customer in Beta is worth two in your email list"
@danielkempe another... "it's better to start-up and fail than not start-up at all"
@bentossell Working on the "Pivot!" tee as we speak!
@danielkempe Are the teeshirts printed in-house ..Love the designs between!.
@kwdinc They are printed in the US and ship internationally. :-)
I'm almost at 2500 votes, can I get a black one if I make it? ;)
@bramk Yes, if you make it to 2500 i'll send you a free tee for being so awesome! :-)
5% coupon available for sharing on the site :-)