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Easily explore the network of people that makers have made products with. Built for Makers Festival API Edition.
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Built as my entry in the Makers Festival: API Edition, Maker Network provides an easy way to explore the network of people that makers have made products with. I've been able to grow the network of people that I've built things with because people I've worked with suggest me to their friends. By building Maker Network I hope to make it easier for makers to find potential partners for their projects thru the network they may already have. Although this MVP of Maker Network is complete, I see the opportunity to turn the site into a hub to explore anything related to the Maker ecosystem. Would love to know what you think, especially interested to hear about what kind of visualizations you'd like to see. Many thanks to the Product Hunt team for making the GraphQL available for everyone to use!
@mubashariqbal This is so awesome dude! I'm always intrigued to see what your builds end up being (there are so many and so often haha) and this is definitely an exciting entry for the Makers Festival. Awesome build Mubs! :)
@adammarx13 Thanks Adam, this one was lots of fun and seemed a good pick for the festival and me πŸ˜€
@mubashariqbal It's almost a full-time job keeping up with your builds haha, so many good ideas coming out, keep it up dude!
Would love to see other solo PH makers on the network too! My page is a bit sad with no connections 😐 Very cool idea though!
@kunalslab That's a cool idea, I'll see if I can generate a random sampling of the solo makers to feature somewhere maybe encourage a little more collaboration!
@kunalslab @mubashariqbal Upvoted by this solo maker.
rip my non existent network. How do you find people to collaborate with on PH?
@dkb868 I used to hangout a lot on the MakerHunt slack and found a bunch of people to collaborate with but it's not active anymore. I believe there are a few Facebook groups related to ProductHunt that might be a good place to look. I also see IndieHackers posts all the time looking for collaborators (tech and non-tech).
@mubashariqbal Yeah I hang around IH a lot, though I think people there are mostly looking for co-founders for companies not just building fun side projects. I will look into those Facebook groups though, thanks!
@mubashariqbal Cool API implementation Mub. I assume you used Laravel + Tabler theme. I like this combination πŸ‘
@csaba_kissi Thanks. That's correct, also D3JS for the charting.
I am no one on PH maker network lol
@edisonjoao6871 We all start with no network, just keep plugging away!
@mubashariqbal I'd be keen on learning how you built this, I'm trying to make something similar for my app
@edisonjoao6871 Now that things have died down a little, I'll be posting more to my blog about it. Was there anything in particular you wanted to know?
@mubashariqbal how do you built out the connection link (6 degree type), like that social graph that it shows makers and how they're connected. I'm currently building a social product and I know that might benefit more users connecting and such
@edisonjoao6871 Got it, I'll try and cover that in a blog post soon.