Maker Metrics

Analytics & insights for software companies

Our mission is to help makers build healthier software businesses.
Starting with revenue data from Stripe, and expenses from Quickbooks, we are helping makers get a better understanding of the financial health of their businesses.
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Hello PH, Over the past few months I've been working on creating Maker Metrics, and I'm pleased to make it public today. As makers we work hard on building software businesses, but often fail to take the time to analyze how well they are doing. With this MVP of Maker Metrics, simply connect your Stripe account and you'll be able to see charts with insights on your customer churn/retention, LTV, revenue distribution and more. I'm working hard to add more integrations, so you can get insight on more than just revenue, so you could see the correlation between your new feature releases, page-views, social media following, subscribers and customer growth to identify and fix any problems. I would love to have you checkout Maker Metrics and let me know what you think!
been using this to track subscribers to my magazine. hugely helpful! thanks Mubs :) fun watching you pump out new features so quickly!
@nathanlatka Thanks for being an early user and the great feedback! Looking forward to adding more features πŸ˜€
Nice job @mubashariqbal. I'm going to sign up right now.
@sethlouey Thanks Seth! Let me know if you have any questions.
Well thought out, and nice clean UI. Well done @mubashariqbal !
@henry_garrett Thanks Henry!
Nicely done @mubashariqbal . Just sent you some PH love. Cant wait to check it out!
@jaketital Thanks Jake, appreciate the support!