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I put this together so that makers could do some comparative analysis to see where their Product Hunt launch results compare to other makers. It's user-generated. Without enough data, we can begin to get a better understanding of the "Product Hunt Effect" and work together on some post-launch best practices.
@erictwillis Awesome! I added the numbers from Daily Hunt. Looking forward to the knowledge this can provide once we have a good sampling of data.
Awesome Eric. I've been following your PH success stories posts, so this is a great natural transition. Just signed up with CL, here are my thoughts: - Can I enter multiple projects? There are heaps of multi-makers on here - It'd be a bit easier if it just parsed some of the data from the PH URL. - Upvotes vs Visits is tough to track - I'm at 100+ upvotes now, but back on the day I listed it was like 60-80. - Visitors received - do you want me to include PH only or ALL traffic? Just on the day I listed, or for traffic in the weeks following? I have put PH only for now, but I know PH generated a ton of add-on traffic for me. - Ranking? Not sure where I find this? Anyway, I typed in a number and next thing I know it says '2'.. no way to change it that I can see. - Seems like people are getting URL and PH URL confused
@rossdcurrie Hello Ross. That's something that has been discussed as there are many people with multiple hunts. So that's a priority. The most up-to-date data would be best (so your latest upvote count). The traffic directly generated by Product Hunt for now is what's being requested for now. I understand that Product Hunt can also get you picked up by a plethora of media outlets, but I want to create another way of dealing with that. Any suggestions? The ranking might be difficult for people who don't remember or who didn't hit the top 10 and saved the email. Otherwise, you'll need to scroll back to date you were hunted and check your position. I added the Product Hunt url option after some people had already registered so I think that's the issue there. I'll double-check though so see if people are still confused by it. Thanks for the feedback.
thanks for the invite Eric