Download the leads of Product Makers from ProductHunt and start your cold-email marketing today! Download the leads of makers by date or leads of your competitor's upvoters by it's URL.
With Zapier integration coming soon, you will be able to export leads to your CRM Directly.
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Hey PH Community! We are excited to launch MakerLeads a place to get leads of product makers on product hunt. Some amazing ideas you can plan around with and we are also experimenting them with our other products. 1- Makers on ProductHunt are likely to open emails after the launch for the possible collaborations and feedbacks. 2- Mostly makers on ProductHunt have a product, or side-project. 3- You can start cold-emailing daily as an integration so you don't have to worry about the traffic again. 4- You can capture the leads of your competitor's upvoters by their product URL. 5- You can start emailing your competitor's upvoters. Tell me more ideas you think are possible with this product.
Congrats! very clever idea btw. 😀 will try it out.
@usamanoman is spamming other Product Hunt makers (including me) with unsolicited emails after scraping their contact information from Product Hunt with his bot. This post and his account should be flagged. cc @rrhoover
@rrhoover @peter You can simply unsubscribe from the emails by clicking the unsubscribe button. There are tons of other cold-email marketing and lead-gen products on producthunt.
@rrhoover @usamanoman wrong. Your email did not contain any unsubscribe button. In fact, it offered no way to unsubscribe from your spam, which is actually against federal regulations in the US. I have the email. It’s easy to prove.