Maker Goal Telegram Bot

Manage your Product Hunt maker goals with a Telegram Bot

Telegram bot + Product Hunt v2 API = Maker Goal Telegram Bot.
It's pretty common in Makerlog & WIP Maker community to manage the tasks with telegram bot, that's why I build one to access Product Hunt Maker Goal
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Knight 
Developer 👨🏻‍💻, Freelancer 💰 & Maker 🚀
I hang around in Makerlog & WIP for some times and it seems like most of the Telegram channel allows to manage tasks through a telegram bot. When I find out the new Product Hunt API allows the write access for goal, the idea to build a telegram bot to manage Product Hunt Maker Goal pop!
Fajar Siddiq
👨🏻‍💻🇸🇬🏝️ Serial Entrepreneur, Singapore
@imknight I have use this Bot! Tested on my telegram group. It log task directly on Product Hunt Goals!!!! THIS IS WOW!!!!!! VERY COOL BOT! Well Done Knight!!! One of the best tool to use for productivity