Maker Feed

Find and follow amazing makers on Twitter in just two clicks

Maker Feed is a tool that lets you find and follow amazing makers on Twitter in just two clicks.

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Been following the 'making journey' of this app on twitter since Alex first announced it there. It was fun to see the progression and I'm super excited to use it finally! Keep shipping πŸŽ‰
@dinuka_jayasuriya Thanks Dinuka! Will do! I hope you continue to ship fast too! :)
Hello PH! Momentum is a hell of a drug, and by my standards, I am pretty high right now. Last week I launched a product I built within the span of a week, which was a first for me, and while I thought it would be another flop like the rest of my products, it went phenomenally well and placed no3 on Product Hunt! I was blown away, and decided to do it again. Another product built in a week, without dwelling on the idea too much. Maker Feed is a tool to solve a personal problem of mine. I am subscribed to amazing twitter lists with makers, but never bothered to go and check them out on a regular basis. If I wanted to follow people from that list, my option would be to use a tool like β€œTwitter Mass Following” and follow everyone, which is sometimes hundreds of people. The solution for me is Maker Feed. You can specify your criteria (eg. Find the 10 most active makers of indiehacker-community ) and view them. Then, if you like what you see, you can follow them with the click of a button. Plus, it is a good place to aggregate awesome Twitter Lists with makers. Since people really liked that I had documented the process on Twitter with GitHub Gardener, I did it again. All the story from idea conception to launch can be found here
Nice, I like this idea @alexandersideris! I would love to see a intersection of the different list - kind of to get the top of the top :D
@spekulatius1984 Thanks Peter, glad you liked it! I don't really understand what you mean though to be honest when you say "intersection of the different list - kind of to get the top of the top" :D
@spekulatius1984 @yesnoornext Haha it's probably me, I hardly slept to meet this deadline πŸ˜‚
@alexandersideris oh, okay. I mean a list of the people who are in more than one list (maybe even up to saying the people who are in all lists).
@spekulatius1984 Got ya. Yes that is possible to do. Will add it to my todo and build it if other people are interested also! 😊

Allows easy indexing of all active makers. Makes it super easy to find and follow kindred spirits haha 😊


Simple and intuitive


None πŸŽ‰

This is amazing πŸŽ‰ Just love what you're doing 😍
@mubaris Hey! Thanks man! All I'm doing is building sloppy products and putting them out there, for a change! I have loads that never made it to PH cause I was too much of a perfectionist :P
@alexandersideris You should launch them on PH πŸ™‚