Maker Audience List

Reach over 7,000 successful tech founders and makers.

#4 Product of the DayNovember 17, 2018

Maker Audience List contains over 7,000 profiles of successful founders, designer and developers.

You can search, filter and download the list for prospecting sales, recruitment or ad targeting.

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When I launched Teampage, I was looking for ways to reach other makers. The Product Hunt audience was also my audience, so I downloaded the makers of all top products, extracted the Twitter usernames, matched their location to a country and used that to target them with Twitter Ads. It worked really well, so I thought why not share with the world.
This is a terrible product. You should be aware of GPPR. I didn't give you permission to share my personal data so you can spam me. Seriously, just delete this now.
@petecodes I guess I understand your knee-jerk reaction. But in your case you are listed as Pete + @petecodes. There is no personal data made available that isn't listed also in your comment above. Anyway, just removed you from the list.
Feels very spammy to me. If you had built this list organically and allowed the founders to opt in, it would have much more value.
@scottw What is the spammy part? - Actual emails are not provided (only a hashed version for Linkedin Ads targeting). - Product Hunt and Twitter profiles are public. - Ad targeting can be opted out on Linkedin and Twitter. - You can disable that anyone can contact you on Twitter. But yes, opt-in would be an improvement!
@yvoschaap Participating in a community is not a waver to have your info used for marketing purposes by external companies. Just my opinion. I agree you did nothing 'wrong', just not a path I would recommend. Good luck.
Not compliant with GDPR law.
@ericdiepeveen How so? All data available on this list is already made publicly available by the subjects themselves. If I understand GDPR correctly, data made publicly available by the data subject themselves is not covered.
@alekplay actually this only applies to information obligated by law to be public. I.e. If you own a company your contact info is public. All info not obligated by law you can only store with explicit consent. You cannot store and give opt-out options. Its opt-in only.
@alekplay @ericdiepeveen Actually, it's correct about the data themselves. However what is not GDPR compliant, is the fact that every website owner has a responsibility to inform user of the "treatments" realized with there datas, AND bears a responsibility if any 3rd party or contractor uses the gathered data in a way that is not mentionned in PH's "data treatments registry"
@alekplay @ericdiepeveen In this case, the maker probably did not ask PH the autorisation to use the datas in such way, hence it's not GDPR compliant
Looks useful I'll check it out.