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The popular emoji keyboard, now for your app

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We built the free emoji keyboard SDK because we wanted to give apps the ability to create their own emojis and generate revenue in the form of branded emojis (coming soon). We know first hand how important user experience is, so we've been working over the last year to create an in-app experience that is seamless to the user. Our SDK works with Layer and we just recently added a Giphy integration 😊 You will need an SDK key, but just email me and I'll make you one: Also, you can checkout the keyboard live in the messaging part of our app: Or watch this video:
Thank you! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
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Tested this out and find it very intuitive and easy to install in current native app projects.. Awesome catalog of original content and non intrusive 3rd party keyboard install.. #KeyboardCollector ,, no really :)
@jaronrayhinds appreciate it! Thanks for being one of the first people to check this out. If there are specific emojis you want added to any of your apps let me know and we'll design them:
@jaronrayhinds Thanks again for facilitating the intro and demo. Great to see MakeEmoji on PH and I expect to see developers integrate the SDK in their projects.
@osakasaul @jaronrayhinds thanks for the shout out. Hope things are going well at @RiteTag and looking forward to hearing more about your success too!
Damn good work Tyler.
@waltspence thank you sir. Steve (CoFounder and CTO) deserves all of the credit though.
Fantastic job Tyler and crew. The SDK looks sweet and definitely something that can catch on for new apps. Let's make integrating/using emojis 10x easier!
@techvoltz thanks man. Appreciate the question and we will make you guys a key so you can play around with it. #revolution
Tyler's keyboard app is pretty popular these days (download numbers are big, but not sure I'm allow to say them, haha!) so the chance to integrate it into your own app seems really cool. Maybe Fittr needs an emoji keyboard, hm... :P
@kikischirr It might be fun for Fittr if you guys add messaging/commenting