MakeML is an easy to use MacOS app for iOS devs, who want to try out machine learning in their apps. The app is made in a way that no Python development nor data scientist background are needed. There are 2 model types available for training: Object Detection and Style Transfer.
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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @micrum for helping us! We started MakeML with the vision of creating a powerful and easy-to-use environment for training neural networks. We've always kept in mind the idea that the entrance threshold for machine learning needs to be on the level of understanding how data can be used, and obviously should not be available only for data scientists. Today we want to show you an app which allows you to train neural networks without writing a line of code and which doesn't need any additional setup. We've chosen CoreML models as our first destination, and we have TensorFlow support in the works! Right now we allow iOS Developers to train Object Detection and Style Transfer models without unnecessary overhead.
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@micrum @alexkartsev It seems the 'send me the app' link is broken.
@thatoastman Indeed we've experienced some issues due to overloading of our mail services. But right now all issues are fixed. Please try it right now. Thank you for your response.
@micrum @alexkartsev There is no style transfer option, only detection.
Nowadays many deep tech companies are trying to hire 20 data scientists to train a neural network, It's like inventing a wheel. Hope this myth will be busted with apps like this one :) Good luck, guys
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Congrats on the launch! Where is your model training? Is it training on GPU? Is there a possibility to train a model in the cloud?
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@pavellitvinko_com Thank you! Currently MakeML app trains models on local CPU. Training in the cloud is on our feature list and will be implemented in nearest future. Cloud training will be released with GPU support.
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Awesome work! Is this product live?
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@alexshkor1 Thanks, Alex! Yes, it's free and you can download it from our website:
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This is awesome app!


Very useful app for ML


I didn't find it

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