AI to create 3D avatars from Selfies

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Interesting product, but do you have a demo by any chance ?
@haseeb Absolutely, you can send a small selfie video and we'll create and share the avatar through the API!
Hello Everybody! We were working on a *top-secret* project where we wanted to create 3D avatars for users, when we realized how hard it is to create one. So, we decided to hack! We've combined sophisticated Machine Vision & Artificial Intelligence tech to create full blown 3D avatars using simple selfie videos. These avatars are Rigged & Animated and can be used in AR/VR app or a 3D game. Would love to have feedback from PH community! Happy to answer any questions.
So... If I understand this correctly... I can use the api to insert an avatar of myself in the place of @VonDetten for a privately funded full edit of the movie Brink! (1998)? I'm in. @ingraindesigns @ali_rehan
From my experience making avatars are a tough one, how accurate are the end results?