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Hey Hunters, this e-Book will explain and show you why holiday marketing is one of the most effective methods for viral and lead-generation campaigns. We will discuss everything - from the concept of viral posts and exploring the elements that highly-shared posts have in common, to newsjacking, types of holidays, holiday post variations, tools and more. This holiday marketing guide contains a lot of examples and practical methods you can use right away to start generating traffic this month. Please enjoy and make sure to share it with your friends & colleagues!
I use trends & celebrities in my marketing campaigns, should definitely add holidays and other events too. Thanks for good read, downloaded!
@sumrub good to hear that, thanks!
Thanks for the ebook, downloaded and will enjoy later in the evening :)
@julia_eremina thanks and hope you have a good read!
Holiday marketing? is that a thing? hah Great book though
@arturkiulian Thanks! Yeap, that's a forgotten method of generating everything with trends based on holidays and events :) There are holidays almost every day worldwide, so this is a pretty good traffic-generation machine!
I think having a E-book is a Great idea, I wish I knew how to create one to offer myself, Maybe one day!