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@lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta
Every time I put on a pair of jeans I think about how certain bits and pieces from other jeans can be together to make the perfect pair. Make Your Own Jeans sounds great. Question: I wasn't able to find a preview section of what the jeans would actually look like. Any ideas how/if I can do this? I find that the most crucial.
Petr Filipchyktoolsmith@cbd
definitely gonna order a pair for myself...I wish they also had a feature to request 1-3 fabric square samples to make sure I'd be getting what I think I'm getting prior to ordering (kind of like warbyparker with their frame samples) - so hard to get it right online with jeans for me.
Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
This site custom makes each order. You can order a custom made pair of jeans, to your exact measurements and can customize stuff like what buttons are used, what thread etc. as well as even submit your own comments about bespoke customizations. They are affordable at around $59-$79. Shipping is around $14 to the USA (but free if you order over $199 of stuff), they offer worldwide shipping. They also make leather jackets, suits, leather pants and more. One of my friends on facebook bought from here and was really pleased with the result.
Always need a pair of custom made jeans!
Ronak KakkadCo-Founder - Growth Shift Labs
Awesome! Always wanted this!
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