Make Time

A book on how to focus on what matters every day

From the authors of the New York Times bestseller Sprint,

Make Time is a new book about finding focus and energy in your daily life.

Make Time is not about productivity, life hacks, or time-saving tricks. It's about creating time for what matters by rethinking the defaults of constant busyness and distraction.

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Hey everybody, we're super excited to announce that MAKE TIME is now a real book!!! Can't wait to hear what you all think of it, and really hope you find it useful!
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@jakek Got my pre-order copy delivered today! What inspired you to write about this topic? I see it as pairing nicely with the "digital well-bring" trend we see starting in tech now. Folks looking for true focus & balance in their life to sustain long-term.
@ianmikutel We decided to write the book because we're dorks, I guess... :) We couldn't stop thinking and talking about the topic of time—this really goes back 15-20 years for us—and we figured as designers we had a reasonable chance of coming up with a framework and set of tools that might be useful and actually usable by readers. Having the opportunity to run so many design sprints with so many teams and experiment with the structure of the day, we knew small changes could make a huge difference. So... now it's in the world, and we'll see! I hope it's helpful to people.
I've been a big fan of John and Jake's Time Dorks blog since it started. Their experiments and tactics to make the most of your time at work and home really make you think critically. A personal example: as much as I loved Google Now when it was first launched (gave me my flight times, hotel bookings, etc.), it has turned into a news feed. I found myself scrolling through random tech, politics, and BREAKING news all the time. Didn't realize that until I had read John's blog post. With Tactic #25, I now ignore the news. Settings > Your feed > Turn off "Show feed": Before & After
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@kunalslab that's why for every app I install I go through the settings and find out what I can and can't do. I used to also do read every release notes of every update. But that was too much now. I do try to keep up to do with my phone OS settings. I read blog articles on the new features, for example of Android Oreo, as it's important to stay up to do date on that for a mobile developer.
@kunalslab That's awesome! (It's a bummer that changing these products to be sane requires so much tinkering with settings. C'mon Google!)
One of Germanys biggest bookstores already had this book available like a week ago. Meanwhile, I've read it - and I highly recommend it! It was an excellent read! Engaging, practical, and funny!
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Ordered 👍 Excited to read it! What personal experience motivated you to write this book?
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@jmsuth For me there have been many moments that motivated me to pay more attention to... well... my attention. But the biggest trigger for wanting to do my best on this book was when my dad passed away a couple years ago. It reminded me how quickly time can go by and how important it is to fight against anything that makes time go faster. I don't know if this book will help in that fight or not—it's like launching a startup, you don't REALLY know till people actually buy your product and find it useful—but I did know I had to give it my best shot.
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Loooooveeee itttt
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