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I love that Ben is not letting the fact that he's not a coder stop him from making. With Make Ship, he's helping other people make things too, coders, designers, whoever. If you've got a project you want to make, find people to help you ship it!
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oh heyyy thaaaaanks Mubs. Built as part of my 10 Startups in 24 Hours I built this quick "Hire Makers on Demand" type site. No coding. in about 40 minutes. Wasn't planning on posting these projects but happy to see others feel like they want to! Super simple but it works! Built with Day Dot - Your MVP team on demand. Sign up for early access
@bentossell I am the third one there 😎
Congrats! Building this many things in a short amount of time is impressive with or without code. *** This feels strange to me though – you work at PH (see below: Ben no longer works at PH) and are promoting your paid class here as well. Yes, Mubs hunted it, but isn't he a friend? It's tough tell whether this provides more value to PH at large or to you (or somewhere in between). Similarly, a recent PH email featured a product that a PH team member invested in without having a disclaimer. Maybe the answer here is that is doesn't matter. PH and friends of PH get priority over everyone else – most of the world is run this way. Unlike in the early days when a 17 year old in the Netherlands had one of the top products. This could be completely out of line (someone has to ask hard Qs), but I love PH (user #17,668) and want it to be relatively fair and positive since so much of the Internet isn't nowadays. This doesn't feel like those things, but maybe I am missing something? cc: @rrhoover @bentossell @Nivo0o0
@tomfme I no longer work at Product Hunt but appreciate your concern. This was a way for makers to promote their services and I hadnt planned on posting all of my projects this week but makers saw it worthy (hence the posting + upvotes) so Im grateful for that.
@bentossell Np, I just saw that. Thanks for following up here.
@tomfme this was actually a concern I had with Ship. PH is slowly becoming a who you know or how much you can pay for success. This may not be that but the points you bring up are worrisome
It's a neat concept but reminds me of `Wordpress for building companies`. But, here's my problem though, which I'd like to remind Steve Jobs quote from a lost interview: "There's a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product." β€” Steve Jobs. Speaking from my experience - you need stellar, vetted, knowledge worker(s) who has the entrepreneurial mindset, to help people build great companies (products). This is one of the reasons why it took a year for us to build the network first and launch Leo ( to help people become entrepreneurs not just makers. Good luck with everything!
@raviformative this is merely a directory of makers willing to be contacted by others to work on projects. Im not trying to make anything more complicated here or launch 1000 world class entrepreneurs. Its simple. Its meant to be that way and Im not looking for more. Thanks for the support
Hey, Ben. "What is project range $$"? Nice idea, btw. I wanted to do it myself πŸ˜…
@alexanderisora how much makers typically charge per project ha well it was easy to set up :) no reason why you cant do it for another niche!
@alexanderisora @bentossell What *IS* the niche? What's a "maker"? Does a maker build mobile apps, web apps, design apps, websites, shoes? Can you add an intro paragraph or a tagline to define it for me? (on the site) Seeing "Developer" as a category is SOOOOOO broad. I can search/find/view granular categories at UpWork/Freelancer β€” so what sets your app apart? (Trying to encourage you to see how vague this really is.) I hire devs all the time, and I don't see what I need at a glance. What I see is having to click their links to jump-away into their sites.
This is great! Do you see it being a place to hire makers to build MVP things (just like this) or for hiring people who can do the full job too?
@jamesfrewin1 this is likely more the kind of place to hire a maker to do an aspect of a job I think. Obviously I'd encourage people to sign up for Day Dot for a full MVP built. There are lots of different ways for people to approach projects though so I'm sure there will be some crossover.