Make It Fast

Casual videochat WLYCP. For 140 seconds

Hi there! We've done this with @mdemolin for MakerHunt's makerthon. It's a chrome extension that allows you to make casual video calls with your contacts from product hunt, WLYCP (Without Leaving Your Current Page). And to spicy it up a bit, you have 140 seconds to make your call :) After that, video is automatically shut down, and you can't contact the same person for the next hour. To get started, install the extension and look up for the name of someone else that installed it, and make it fast! You can add me if you want to give it a try and know no-one who have installed it yet ;) (europe time)
Love it! Makes video chats super accessible, since it's only an extension, but at the same time adds an importance to them since you only have 140 seconds to make your point! (Oh and it's fun!) - Great job! :)
@iangelidaki Thanks :) And by the way, thanks to @david_diam for helping with design on landing page ;)