Make It A Habit

Set a habit and a price. If you fail, you pay.

Set a Habit and commit money πŸƒ. Each day I'll send you a motivational email for 66 days - all you have to do is to reply to it. If you fail, you pay the price πŸ’°
πŸ”₯ Each email will have a motivational quote and a inspiring meme to keep you going πŸ”₯
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Hi everyone πŸ‘‹ Building a habit is really really really hard.... The best method I've found to build a habit is by putting something on the line and being held accountable. There's many other ideas that follow a similar concept but I wanted to make the experience more personal using motivational messages that you have to reply to. Make It A Habit works like so: 1) Set a habit 2) Commit money 3) Each day I'll send you a checkup email asking if you've completed the habit. The email will also have a motivational quote and a funny meme to keep you going. All you have to do is reply to it, if you fail to reply, you pay the price. N.B. I want to be as transparent as possible - I've put a fair amount of work into creating this and so the money you lose will go towards funding my coffees. The primary goal here is to help you build life changing habits not for me to make money (there are better and easier ways to make money). And so I've setup the whole process to help you hit those life-changing goals. I've put a lot of work into the 66 unique emails, so I hope you enjoy! ) Here are some highlights: βœ… Unique and inspiring emails to help you create those life changing habits. βœ… A simple but effective method to help you build habits e.g. holding yourself accountable.
Good luck! It resembles @levelsio Go fucking Do it
Good luck!
Followed from SUS, looks great! Good luck
Really like the idea - I'm putting $100 down.
@colin_bethea Thanks for the support Colin!