Make Hats Great Again

Create the greatest custom-embroidered red caps in seconds

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Niv Dror
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
lol love the homepage... and it really does seem super quick to customize them 🏃💨
Make Hats Great
Make Hats Great@make_hats_great · Make Hats Great Again!
@nivo0o0 A hat may or may show up at the PH office tomorrow morning... who knows :)
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith@dielawn714 · Founder
@make_hats_great @nivo0o0 This is exactly what Product Hunt needs MAKE PRODUCT HUNT GREAT AGAIN it hasn't even been a year yet. lol
Josh Pigford
Josh PigfordPro@shpigford · Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
Haha, that coupon code, though. NOICE.
Andrew Torba
Andrew Torba@torbahax · CEO, #SpeakFreely
Ross Dyson
Ross Dyson@justrossthings · President of the Anime Club
Wanted something like this for awhile now. Thanks!!!
Jack@jackfitzgerald · Cheif Growth Officer, Growth Grind
How the hell are you putting in my geo into that script? You have done some amazing trickery there.
Gregory Koberger
Gregory KobergerMaker@gkoberger · Founder, 📘🦉
@jackfitzgerald That was surprisingly easy :) There's an API that returns it based on your IP: