Make App Icon

Generate App Icons of ALL sizes with a click

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This is awesome! I'm using this sketch plugin for iOS: But having a tool that also supports Android is very handy.
@alexmuench The sketch plugin is cool but kudos for Oursky building this super simple web service.
This is nice, however one thing to note on the preview in the iphone 6. IOS icons aren't transparent. If you upload a transparent icon, the preview should be with a black backdrop.
All this does is crop your image into a set of rounded rectangles!
@oelamri Yes, but that is an hour long process for every size
I use App Icon Template by @flarup, but it's really nice to have an option without needing Sketch or Photoshop etc.
We just got so annoyed with the process, our programmer made a script that takes the 1024 and then automatically makes all the other sizes in one batch and names them with the icon size.