Automagically create your new website

Majeeko automagically creates your new website with your Facebook page's news, galleries, events, maps and contacts.

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What made you build this @toffy93? Also, what makes it different from the various other website builders out there?
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@amrith Majeeko is not mine. It is a bit different from the other website builder because it creates websites using contents of Facebook Pages. So you don't need to update your website like you do with a classic CMS, but you only need to post news/albums/events on your Facebook Page: they will automatically appear on the website.
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I could not test it yet, but I find the idea really compelling: my girlfriend has a FB & Instagram page, plus a website, but the latter almost never gets updated. Loss of efficacy in her communication, and it might cause some customer not buying into her yoga classes. I am planning to suggest it to her. (I am also fascinated by the market potential, which I believe might be rather large.)


Streamline content management!


Mmm... execution risk, but if executed properly might become irrelevant

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But if you have a facebook page, then why do you need a website with the same exact content?
@tostartafire potentially because Business Insider today reported on a survey indicating about 9% of US FB users have deleted their accounts.
@andym_dc But aren t facebook pages (business pages) opened for everyone to see? And if FB pages goes away, wouldn't the content of the website also go away?
@tostartafire Well, if you have a small busines, a Facebook Page could not be enough. In Facebook you can acquire new fans, engage and interact with them. A website serve to build an online company brand, customer loyalty, informing about values, offers, products, etc. A fully fledged Majeeko website has a better Google indexing, is visible to every user (not only Facebook ones), can hold more informations, and has an integrated Ecommerce and Booking system. So you can keep posting news about your business conveniently on Facebook, while having a complete and professional website that doesn't need to be constantly managed.
Really like this! very promising indeed.