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Hi hunters! It's good to be back :) With this tool we are expanding our offer or lead generation tools. In a nutshell, Maître Viral Sweepstakes is .. well, you guessed it: a sweepstake tool 😊 But...with a twist. In true Maître style. We have combined a viral element into an old school sweepstake tool. How did we do this? Winners are chosen at random, except, with our tool, each entrant gets an extra draw in the sweepstake if they refer someone. For example, I enter the contest I get 1 draw, if I refer 3 friends, I acquire a total of 4 (1 + 3 referrals) draws for the contest. We basically turned the whole sweepstakes strategy on its head: now all of your entrants have a reason to share your product! And, best of all. This is totally free. Yep. $0. Nothing. Nada. Looking forward to hearing your feedback :)
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@mnlfrgr Free, or free for those already paying?
Awesome, can't wait to try this 🙌
@_jeremiahs thanks Jeremiah!
Well done on this latest release. So, I bought MaitreApp to grow my Slack channel (now a modest 740). The king of sweepstakes is my previous guest Josh Earl who attracted a list of over 150,000 through a KingSumo giveaway (with about another 150,000 fake emails). However, a lot of the people signing up were free-loaders and he had a poor conversion with the list. What conversions are you getting after getting new emails from a sweepstake?
@paul_s_kemp Hey Paul, free loaders are a common problem. However I think the best to deal with it is to make sure the prize feels exclusive for everybody. Eg: if you offer an Iphone 7 everyone will jump in. But if you target women and offer something very specific to women, then you will at least limit the problem.
@paul_s_kemp Great point! Not sure about KingSumo as I haven't checked out their underlying tech. But on our side we implement double opt-in and automated fake email scanner that when triggered removes referrals and thus points from the offending person. With regards to ensuring quality, I agree with Manuel. I think it's worth considering that a reward should have 'prize market fit' and not just be appealing to any old consumer.
@manuel nice tweak to an already powerful bit of software. How should existing users migrate to the new format? I'm assuming you'd export/import lists via CSV download? Would you recommend that COA?
@mhelbig1 @manuel Thanks Matthew :) Not sure what you mean by "migrate existing users". You mean from other platforms?
@mnlfrgr @manuel sorry, from existing Maitre signups.
Can attest to Maitre App being a solid app to work with. Does the Viral Sweepstakes still offer the 24 hour drop off on unconfirmed entrants? Or anyway to combat fake entries per person. Im sure many will be greedy.
@kevinatdoers Good point. yes it does. Same principle as the other widget. We have also implemented a fake email scanner which removes automatically and removes the points! Thanks for the feedback. If you have any more I would love to hear it! Kieran