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Manuel Frigerio
@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app / CTO EventNinja.io · Referenced in “#GrowthHacking
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Manuel Frigerio
@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app / CTO EventNinja.io
Hi hunters! I'm Manuel, the maker of Maître. Maître comes out of a personal need: make the products I'm working on go viral! I studied the launch of successful products such as MailBox, DropBox and RobinHood (thanks @bentossell for mentioning it) and I realised I could do something similar! I put my head down and after 5 days Maître was born. I beta-tested… See more
George Johnston
@georgedjohnston · Founder @IncuBusLondon Maker @maitre_app
Hunters! The internet has suggested some other use cases for Maitre.. Some ideas are; - Waitlists for events (Set event to waitlist only to create exclusivity and then share to get ahead) - New product iteration launches. E.g. We're now launching a new version, join the beta queue. Awesome for apps like CityMapper where you can't wait to get your hands on… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Looks like the same process Robinhood used for their campaign. I believe they used Kickoff Labs (EDIT: I have been told they did not) This was the post written about it: How to setup a viral waiting list launch page like Robinhood with KickoffLabs
Sam Doshi
@samir_doshi · Co Founder @ Relayo.com
Gonna use this ASAP - no kidding
Ilyas Hassani
@ilyashassani · App Entrepreneur
Amazing Hunt !