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Hi hunters! I'm Manuel, the maker of Maître. Maître comes out of a personal need: make the products I'm working on go viral! I studied the launch of successful products such as MailBox, DropBox and RobinHood (thanks @bentossell for mentioning it) and I realised I could do something similar! I put my head down and after 5 days Maître was born. I beta-tested the product for a month and the results were exceptional to say the least. So I put my head down again, this time to create a widget really anyone could use, and 3 days after, Maître was live. Since then many friends have used it for a wide variety of reasons. Friends startuppers who wanted to launch a new product, writers who wanted to engage with their readers before the launch of the book, event organisers who wanted to generate buzz before an event and much more. Maître is a copy/paste widget that can be embedded on any webpage. It's basically a waiting list with a referral system built in. People are rewarded when signing up their friends by getting ahead in the queue. It also integrates natively with MailChimp and supports webhooks & callbacks, so that you can really customise it they way you want. I can't wait to see what you guys create :) I'm looking forward to all your questions! PS: There is a special deal waiting for you.. (actually 2 :P) ***UPDATE*** We have launched our APIs! =>
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@mnlfrgr This looks great. I can't wait to try this when I find a product that suits it.
@msitver Thanks Michael! PS: You should take advantage of our promotion and get unlimited Maître widgets for 3 months for just $24 ;)
@mnlfrgr @bentossell Hi Manuel! This product looks incredible. Question: Your landing page says, "If we finish first in the Tech category at the end of the day, every upvoter gets Maître for $15..." Looks like that's gonna happen. Does this mean we'd all get it for $15 for 3 months? Do you have more details about this deal? You also mention "jumping the queue" for $49 to be one of the 200 this week to get it for "free" when adding our emails to your wait list. Does that mean it'd be free for a month, 3 months, for life? Trying to decide if I should do the $24 deal or not, but I'm confused by some of these other offers you've got on the table... Thanks! :)
@johnrwhaley @bentossell Hi John, sorry if that was confusing! Let me clarify. Maître "retail" price is $49 per widget. You have a chance, every week, to get it for free if you signup to our waiting list (yes, we use Maître :P) and end up in the top 200. The Product Hunt offer works this way: - You can buy 3 months of unlimited widgets today for $24 (50% OFF the price of 1 widget). - You can wait until tomorrow and hope we make it to the top of PH. If that happens, then every person who has up voted Maître AND has signed up to the waiting list (it's the only way to cross-check upvoters) gets 1 widget for $15. So it's your choice if you want to get the 3 months unlimited widgets for $24 or a chance at 1 widget tomorrow for $15 :)
@mnlfrgr I took a risk and bought it. I don't buy many products like this, so keep doing what you're doing.
Hunters! The internet has suggested some other use cases for Maitre.. Some ideas are; - Waitlists for events (Set event to waitlist only to create exclusivity and then share to get ahead) - New product iteration launches. E.g. We're now launching a new version, join the beta queue. Awesome for apps like CityMapper where you can't wait to get your hands on it. - Crowdfunding campaigns! Any other thoughts? :)
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Looks like the same process Robinhood used for their campaign. I believe they used Kickoff Labs (EDIT: I have been told they did not) This was the post written about it: How to setup a viral waiting list launch page like Robinhood with KickoffLabs
@bentossell Indeed Ben. The process is relatively straightforward: reward people to generate buzz around your product, but the key ingredient is of course a great product first. And RobinHood definitely is one. ;)
@mnlfrgr yeah it doesn't matter what kind of 'viral campaign' you build around it. If the product is shit then it won't work. How does this differ from Kickoff Labs then?
@bentossell Kickoff Labs is a great product and I've used it for my projects many times, however it is substantially different from Maître, which I see as a simple tool that does one and ONLY one thing but very well. In its essence, Maître is a copy & paste widget, super easy to use even for people with no coding experience, but at the same time completely customisable (with javascript callbacks) for the experienced developer.
@mnlfrgr In what ways is it 'substantially different'? It being a copy & paste widget is great! but other than that it effectively looks the same to me? Maybe I'm missing something
@bentossell Robinhood used for their waiting list, not Kickoff Labs. Kickoff Labs did a nice job with their blog post to shed some lights to their product. I tried both and I find Prefinery much easier to use.
Gonna use this ASAP - no kidding
@samir_doshi Hi Samir, Glad you like it :) You should take advantage of today special offer then ;)
Amazing Hunt !