Maintainers Wanted

No time to maintain your project? Find new maintainers!

We all know that there are many projects around that die out because nobody maintains them, mostly because the main maintainer or creator doesn't have the time to do so any further.

Maintainers Wanted is a platform created to act against this trend with the help of the Open Source community.

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How do you plan to grow and engage the community? @quentinoschatz @flxwu
@quentinoschatz @abadesi Open Source is, no doubt, on the rise, and everyone wants to contribute to open source, but many think they can't make an impact anyway. This is a great opportunity to get in contact with "established" open source makers/maintainers, overtake a project that others use and make an actual impact on the tech community. Is this an appropriate answer? πŸ˜…
@quentinoschatz @flxwu Definitely! Are you going to share it in other networks too to get the word out? e.g. Indie Hackers, HN, Reddit etc

Great initiative and I look forward to see what the community will be taking advantage of this


makes contributing to open source easier



nice one, I listed the react-undraw project. I didn't realise it would post a new issue on my behalf though - maybe you could add a confirmation before it does that? A way for people to edit the text that goes on their issue would be good too, before it's created.
@graeme_fulton Very cool! thanks for adding it! You can still edit the issue text on github though :) And thanks for the feedback, I'll add a confirmation! The reason we didn't add that yet is that we weren't sure how to delete the entry then. As of now, the entry gets deleted once the issue is closed. What's your preferred solution? πŸ˜„
Nice one. Congratulations. I was thinking about such a listing website few days ago. Thanks for making it.